By participating in our Nursing Care Facility Affiliate Program, Care4MyHealth will provide your nursing care staff with access to purchase therapeutic insoles and other Care4MyHealth products that address health challenges your staff experience from standing on their feet for many hours.(Plantar fasciitis and heel pain) Other common ailments are swollen feet and legs which may sometimes lead to varicose veins as a result of poor circulation in the lower extremities.
We also provide solutions for wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion, most common being arthritis and carpal tunnel. We deliberately source  for products that care givers need to support their bodies and maintain their health for the long haul.  Sometimes care givers  work so hard helping and looking after others, that they forget to pay adequate attention to their own health.  
In order to meet the needs of your staff we offer many options at check to pay which NOW includes  a simple BUY NOW PAY LATER OPTION at our checkout so that your staff can get the products they need when they need them at no interest.
 Some healthcare facilities sign up for our affiliate online fundraising program to raise funds for their Holiday party to recognize the staff. Your facility will receive a percentage of product purchases done  by employees. You will be able to monitor how much money has been raised online at the click of a button.