About Us

We are based out of beautiful Southern California.
The founders of our Company have over 30 years in marketing and customer service. We are excited that you have come to our website. We want to thank you for visiting and trust that you will find a "home" for your massaging insoles need.
Why you need to BUY from us;
-We Offer the best Massaging Insoles in the world
-We offer world class customer care.
-We keep our word with our customers. (We are willing to admit where we are wrong and promise to do better)
-We treat our partners (Corporate and Our Representatives) with respect and care
-We innovate and are flexible in order to stay in business.
-We are a FUN and pleasant group to work with, BUT we also get the job done.
Below are the ways we can stay in touch to provide you with excellent world class service:
-Visit our facebook page (CARE4MYFEET) and let us know how we can better serve you.
-Call our Toll Free Number 951 204 5209 and talk to a live person M-F (PST) 8-5pm
-Send us an e-mail : sales@care4myfeet.com
Make sure you register your TWO YEAR WARRANTY within 30 days from date of purchase
‌• Healthcare providers‌ • Hospitals ‌• Nursing care facilities ‌• Amusement park staff ‌• Golfers ‌• Skiers ‌• Zumba Dancers ‌• Mall Walkers ‌• Hikers ‌• Military ‌• Barbers ‌• Hair dressers ‌• Restaurant workers ‌• Bank Staff ‌• Retail sales staff ‌• Realtors ‌• Teachers ‌• Construction Workers ‌• Truck drivers ‌• e.t.c
Point is....Everyone needs CARE4MYFEET
therapeutic insoles!