Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the insoles made from?

The liquid inside is Glycerin and we use a breathable velvet Fabric on top and bottom. The Glycerin is Non- Toxic and is safe for your feet.

2. How Long do they last?

For starters, we provide a TWO YEAR Warranty, which means that they are covered against damage during normal wear for 24 months.

For them to last long, Remember to wash them weekly. Machine wash gentle cycle in cold water, or hand wash them. LET THEM AIR DRY!

3. Do I need to remove my regular shoe inserts?

Our insoles are very thin and do not take much room in your shoe. So you can wear them on top of your regular insoles or Orthotics. Yes our insoles are that thin!

4. How long Can I wear them?

Everybody is different but as a general rule, start with 1-2 hours and increase the hours as your feet get used to them.Within one to two weeks your feet will have adjusted to the new massaging feeling.The reaction we get from most customers is that they FEEL WEIRD!
GREAT!!! 80-90 % of the people say them same words. Give it a few hours and you will get used to it. For example you can feel your glasses, or watch the first time you wear them.
See table below for adjustment period information. Keep in mind that it may take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to get used to your insoles.


  • DAY









  • 1-2



  • ½- 1 hour per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity



  • 3-4



  • 1-3 hours per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity



  • 5-6



  • 3-5 hours per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity



  • 7-8



  • 5-7 hours per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity



  • 8-9



  • 7-10 hours per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity



  • 11-12



  • 10-12 hours per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity



  • 12+



  • 12-14 hours per day



  • Standing, Walking, light activity


    5. Can I return the Insoles to get my Money back?

    Unfortunately no.
    The main reason is because the insoles are personal wear product, as well as a wash and wear product. As a result due to hygienic reasons, we are unable accept returns and give refunds.

    6. Can I exchange one size for another size?

    We can exchange the insoles as long as they have not been worn and they are in the original packaging.
    To avoid returns and exchanges, try to get the right size the first time.
    Also you will save money because when you ask for an exchange, you will need to include a shipping and Handling charge of $7.95

    7. How long is the warranty and how does it work?

    The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase. However you will need to validate your warranty on our website within 30 days from date of purchase.
    In case you do not fill out the warranty page we are unable to keep track of when you bought the insoles and therefore activate the warranty.
    The warranty takes a few minutes to fill out.

    8. What happens if my insoles go flat?

    The insoles go flat due to a number of reasons.
    To avoid them going flat, Keep them free of debris in the shoe, so HAND OR MACHINE WASH THEM WEEKLY, LET THEM AIR DRY
    However if they go flat during normal wear, wash the pair that is flat (purely for hygiene purposes) and put it in the package you received when you bought the insoles.
    We will replace them for free for TWO YEARS.
    To avoid leakages to your insoles, HAND OR MACHINE WASH THEM WEEKLY AND LET THEM AIR DRY.
    Please include a Processing and Handling fee of $7.95 when you return the flat insoles.
    You can send a check or money order to:
    8780 19TH ST #469
    ALTA LOMA CA 91701
    Where can I buy another pair?
    Visit our facebook page CARE4MYFEET
    Or Call us 951 204 5209 (Main Office)
     E mail sales@care4myfeet.com

      9. Can I use them for running?

      You can use them on the treadmill, however we do not recommend them for high impact sports, but you can use use in your golf, bowling, hiking and walking shoes.
      You can use them in work boots, or any shoe that you wear.

      10. Can I wear them in sandals?

      Yes! They can be used in sandals and thongs. For sandals we ask you to place double sided tape at the bottom so that they insoles do not move. You can remove the tape when you transfer them to regular shoes.