Our Backstory

Care4MyHealth (formerly Care4MyFeet) started as a simple idea to provide simple and affordable solutions for foot pain to workers who spend a lot of time at work on their feet. We started out selling therapeutic insoles at small street fairs, farmers markets and over time have expanded our business to serve Companies who invite us to their Health and  safety events.
Our partners include staff who work at Costco, Southwest Airlines, Disneyland, Hospitals and nursing care facilities all of whom are in  occupations that require them to stand on unforgiving surfaces for extended periods of time. Most workers  complain about  Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sore tired feet, legs as well as low back pain. What makes our work easier is the positive response we get when the customers try our products especially the insoles. Some customers start dancing and telling their friends that they HAVE TO TRY the insoles. We have countless stories (see our reviews page) we hear about the relief our clients experience once they put them in their shoes. We have expanded our product line to include products that help workers with swollen legs (Standing for many hours on your feet), who develop varicose veins, knee problems, back pain, arthritis in the hands as well as hand injuries (carpal tunnel) caused by repetitive use.

Our Mission

Care4MyHealth’s mission is to address worker’s health problems from the bottom up. We have products that provide relief for the feet, legs, back and hands in order to address the pain and discomfort  that many people experience as a result of doing every day activities. We provide a "full body support system" that helps to create an organized and targeted approach to address real health challenges that workers face at work daily. 
We anticipate and address the health challenges of workers and  we provide practical, affordable and  effective solutions. We help our clients get the correct products for example (socks with the right compression strength) it amazes us when we come across  many customers who do not have the right information about what product to use for pain and discomfort that ails them at work everyday. Many resort to living with the pain or they take pain relieving meds. 
By identifying and addressing these challenges, people can reduce chronic pain and other related injuries, while increasing productivity and performing their jobs more effectively. Employers also have the opportunity to promote  a culture of safety among their employees.